Boundless by CSMA

Boundless by CSMA Motorsports

Welcome to the Boundless by CSMA Motorsports page, the location to find regulations and details about all the different motorsport events we run during the year.

The best way to learn more is to come along to one of the events that take place and have a chat to some of our members and find out first hand what club level motorsport is all about.

- 12 Car Rallies

For road rallies, the emphasis is as much on navigation as driving skill, as crews must maintain a time schedule through all the control points. The navigator, who uses Ordnance Survey maps to direct the driver around the route, must be very careful with timing - it’s just as bad if you check in too early as it is to check in too late at a time control.

- Grass Autotests

Usually all forwards and employing a few handbrake turns, these are fun events for both the beginner and the more experienced. They take place in big open fields with plenty of room to play. A lot of them run with the ability to carry a passenger, so help is at hand in guiding you on the correct route.

- Tarmac Autotest

Employing spin turns, reverse flicks and handbrake turns to negotiate the route in the shortest time, these are the more skilful events and very spectacular to watch. These take place in car parks or anywhere else the organisers can find a sealed surface.

- AutoSolo

If you prefer to drive only in a forwards direction but faster than an autotest, then AutoSolos are for you and are an ideal first step into motorsport. Tests are marked with cones and markers so that drivers, especially novices, are free to concentrate on setting competitive times rather than trying to remember the course. You have to use a road car and it must be driven to the event.